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If your article is in a nascent stage, we can help you prepare it. If it turns out that a scientific article lacks an abstract or a review, or the work does not fully meet the requirements - we will find the solution as soon as possible.
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We have extensive experience of collaborating with leading scientific journals. Partnerships ensure that every order is promptly fulfilled.
Writing and finalization
If your article is in a nascent stage, we can help you prepare it. If it turns out that a scientific article lacks an abstract or a review, or the work does not fully meet the requirements - we will find the solution as soon as possible.
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Advice from qualified specialists.
Certificate of publication
A certificate from the journal taking the article for publication on the day of request.
We provide each author with a PDF of the article and the link to the published material.

Institute Rino Lens Publishing Group

A team of professionals specialising in academic consultancy. We help students, candidates, doctoral candidates, postgraduates, researchers, methodologists, teachers and other specialists in the field of education to publish articles in Russian journals of the VAK, RSCI, eLibrary. We fully support the publication of your scientific article from beginning to end, meeting all the challenges. We will help you to choose the most suitable place to publish. Our portfolio includes several of our own journals and hundreds of partner journals with high ratings. We have been trying to fulfil our important mission for many years- to provide evidence-based solutions to the pressing problems of Russian society. Our advantages: The author pays only for the result; we work in all directions; we provide help in preparation of scientific articles for the VAK, RSCI. Probability of publishing independently - 20%, the probability of publication with us - 100%. Publish articles in the VAK, RINC, eLibrary journals without unnecessary problems, expectations, saving your precious time and nerves.

Yours faithfully,

Institute Rino Lens Publishing Group team

We are a real company, with real people who do not hide their faces and names. You can visit our office at any time to meet our specialists in person. Cooperation with our company is completely transparent: from the conclusion of the contract to the issuing of payment documents. We guarantee the quality of our editorial department and we always take every author seriously. The Institute Rino Lens team will be pleased to assist you on your way to the scientific Olympus. Thank you for your trust!

Maxim Burmatov
Founder of the
Rino Lens group of companies


  • Valery Ryzhov
    Head of the Research and
    Editorial Department
  • Olga Bunenkova
    Head of Marketing
  • Marina Sokolovskaya

    Customer Success Manager

  • Edita Arakelyan

    Customer Success Manager

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Writing assistance
Assistance in the preparation of scientific articles to the VAK, RSCI
On a case-by-case basis
Order an article
Publication in the VAK
Price depends on the length of the article, field, journal
120$ and higher
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Reviews given by the authors:
  • Nadezhda Arkhipova
    Associate Professor, Tver State University (TSU)
    Thank you for writing and publishing the article in the VAK journal! The reviewer had no comments! Thank you very much for your help, all was done in time!
  • Alexey Bokarev

    Master's Degree student

    Thank you very much! Yesterday I received a letter with a note about the publication of my articles. I am glad I contacted you!
  • Nestavalskaya Victoria
    Department Assistant at Tyumen University
    The responsiveness and interest to the client is evident. I tried to publish the article in the VAK myself, but I didn't get any feedback from the journals. I decided to go to Institute Rino Lens and everything was immediately solved.
  • Gennady Yerzhov
    Senior Teacher
    I didn't risk going to such companies so as not to be deceived, but after reading the reviews and recommendations, I decided to contact this particular company and I was satisfied. Everything was done quickly and in an organized manner. Thank you again!
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